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Building a Lean and Muscular Body – Naturally!

Okay my friends, I did streamline the process a bit, however, the structure for developing a lean and muscular body is to adhere to the 4-steps on a constant basis. Jumping and avoiding from diet plan to diet plan and altering your training routine every other week in addition to cutting your resting hours brief is the most common and used method for failure!

Soooooo … Let me discuss in more depth what you should do

Step # 1 – Cycle your weight training. I have a three-step cycle that gets repeated with some changes to the workouts as needed. Cycle # 1 is for muscle density and strength. The two go together. An excellent physique has the quality of dense muscle tissue. You do not want to have “slim scarecrow muscles” since you’ll simply look like a sick person that slimmed down since they are unhealthy. You wish to build muscle that looks, and is impressive. Thick muscle tissue will not shrink up and go away if you have to stop training for a few weeks because of getaway or work or any other factor that may take you away from your regular training regimen.

Cycle # 2 is for muscle shaping. This cycle includes more training days and developing the muscles for optimum shape. Most of the people I see doing this type of exercise are doing it incorrect. A bigger sin than that is this – because they have actually not implemented cycle # 1, or have not executed it properly, they are attempting to form muscles that are not totally developed. Simply put, they are attempting to bake a meat-loaf dinner WITHOUT the meat! And third.

Cycle # 3 for Shaping the muscle. Once you have muscle density and muscle shape, you can shape, engrave and specify the muscle. You can in fact look like you have 10 to 20 more pounds of muscle than you in fact have if you do this right. Well sculpted muscle provide the body that “refined” and completed look. The type of look that state’s” Look at me, this is what a body needs to look like”.

Step # 2 – Follow a Power Health Diet Plan. You can not, I repeat, you CAN NOT build a stunning, muscular and healthy body while following a diet plan that is not healthy. A healthy diet is often mistaken for a diet that has plenty of “natural food”. A healthy diet plan is not such. A power health diet plan consists of entire healthy foods that remain in their natural state, the state that is natural and abundant in the macro and micro nutrients. Improved, processed and changed foods are not power health foods. Also, most of the “supplements” on the market are not what I refer to as “Power Health Foods”. The majority of supplements are just a bunch of inferior components combined with some cheap protein powder to make you think you are consuming healthy. Absolutely nothing could be further from the fact!

Step # 3 – Sleep no less than 7-8 hour a night. The best training and diet will not makeup for being negligent in your sleeping practices. It is throughout the cycles of deep sleep that the body carries out the miracles of lean muscle development. Proper weight training breaks down the muscle tissue. Proper food combinations provide the macro and micro nutrients to the body. Deep, relaxing sleep is when the body secretes the appropriate hormones and chemicals to actually construct new muscle tissue. Sound sleep is the last but most important step in developing the lean muscle you prefer!

Step # 4 – Repeat steps # 1 # 2 # 3 permanently. If you were fishing for salmon in a salmon stream, utilizing salmon bait and fishing equipment since capturing salmon was your objective, would you switch to catfish bait and fishing equipment? Of course not! However this is precisely what most people do. Often the muscle gains come quickly and at other times not so simple, however it’s throughout the “not so simple times” that you have to stick with the right procedure. You might need to change the exercise a bit, include, deduct or modify the foods a bit and perhaps get a bit more sleep – however you need to never ever go looking for a “wonder supplement or wonderful exercise program” due to the fact that they don’t exist. Regularly following a progressive training routine, a healthy vibrant diet, and getting sound sleep is the ‘guaranteed” 4-step plan for developing lean and healthy muscle!


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